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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Aussie Reviews: Loot Crate

This weeks review is on a product called Loot Crate. If you haven't heard of Loot Crate here is what they have to say about their product:

"You can join LootCrate for less than $20(USD) $30(CAD). We find great new Businesses & Partners with great products to deliver an awesome experience. Every Loot Crate is curated around a geeky theme. Loot Crate is Delivered monthly to your doorstep and it is shipped the 20th of every month."

From the moment I entered my credit card I was extremely excited to see what would be in the July Loot Crate. I had heard of this of this awesome service from one of my favourite YouTubers and I knew that I needed to buy it. Something I noticed while unboxing my Loot Crate is that everyone has a unique name, July has the title of VARSITY. The reason that VARSITY is the name of the crate is that Freddie Wong, the creator of popular YouTube Show Video Game High School was the Co-Curator on this month’s crate. The neat items that were in this months crate included:

1.) The LootCrate box upon delivery

2.) The open box with all of the contents Including Star Wars Earbuds. Each looter had the chance of receiving one of several versions of these Earbuds. Yoda, Darth Maul, C3P0 and Darth Vader, which is what I got. 

3.) VGHS Stormtrooper Vinyl StickerI liked this sticker enough to put it on my computer

4.) Rocket Jump Vinyl Sticker-I got this sticker a put it straight on my computer

5.) Marvel Pez Dispenser-Each looter had the chance of getting one of a few options including Captain America, Thor, The Hulk and I received Iron Man

6.) Video Game High School button SetTo me I don't understand why buttons were created because all they do is put holes in your clothes but I still thought they were a cool item.

7.) Video Game High School Season 1 DVD two disc set-
I had never heard of this Youtube series before but I do plan on watching it in the future

8.) Sonic the Hedgehog Air Freshener-Honestly I was a little surprised about how good it smelled. I was expecting a cheap gross smelling scent. It was cute and smelled really great!

Not pictured: VGHS "Emergency Wireless Keyboard" (cleverly disguised as a pencil!)-I thought this was very funny because I just did a review on a wireless keyboard and mouse.

After I went through all the items I decided to open the DVD case for Video Game High School and I noticed that one of the discs fell out of place and was badly scratched. Needless to say I was kind of mad that I had just received the crate and it had an item that was damaged. So I contacted the people at Loot Crate and they were nice enough to send me a new copy of the DVD free of charge. I was happy with the overall experience of this product and the customer support and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of geeky things like video games, sci-fi, comic books etc.

If you are interested in looking at previous Loot Crates or reading more information on this product click here

I give it a 7/10   See you next week, 



  1. Okay, that is what I like to call the COOLEST thing ever. My inner geek is giggling with excitement. I may have to register for this so this Mama gets a little surprise every month!

  2. I love getting things in the mail! That box sounds awesome! It is totally an idea for my brother in law for his bday! thanks!

  3. Oooo I love these kind of products!

  4. I enjoy getting surprises in the mail every so often too. This sounds like fun. My crates that come here are often geared to kids so why not one for me or the mister?

  5. Wow, interesting concept. The loot seem fun for kids and adults. Who doesn't like surprises:)

  6. Sounds cool! You had me at Star Wars and Marvel Pez dispenser! lol I'm such a geek. I know!

  7. Sounds like a great gift for the comic book lover.

  8. WHOA. This would make my brother SWOON!

  9. Wow, so cool!! My husband would love it!


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