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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Aussie Reviews - Nexus 7 Tablet

Guess what? It's almost time to go back to school! Forget about the pencils and paper. What your teen really needs is a way to stay connect and keep organized without all the heavy books and paper. How about a laptop? no. too expensive and still really heavy. What about a tablet? But I'm not talking about an iPad or even an ipad mini, I'm talking about the Asus Nexus 7! I was fortunate enough to receive a Nexus 7 a little while ago, so I have had a chance to truly test this tablet out.        

Let's talk about what comes in the box. You get the Nexus 7 tablet, Quick Start Guide and the warranty, and the box it comes in is really nice. After pulling out the tablet my first thought was, how is the screen? Does the 7” screen look crystal clear, are the colours  vibrant and true to real life? well it answered my questions right away. The startup screen look so crisp and the colours looked amazing, beyond what my expectations were. Next up the technical specs. Like I said it had a stunning 7” display powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor. Android 4.2 (jelly bean) OS with 4.3 update. 1GB of ram and 16 or 32GB of internal storage with available 3G data plan upgrade.

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For the people who are unsure what the tech specs mean, it just means it loads and plays videos, apps and music with no issue and as a bonus for Android users all you need to do is add your Gmail account and all your things will load onto the Nexus. Laptops and tablets and generally quite expensive ranging from a $400 to anywhere over $1000 but the Nexus 7 has an amazing price starting at $199.99 for the 16GB and the highest priced model at only $229.99 for the 32GB version. I got the 32GB one and I sugest spending the extra $30 bucks on the better version, more memory is better. Although I have given this tablet a solid review,  it does have two downsides. The camera and the speaker.  

For one its only front facing and its only 1.2MP so the quality is really bad. I mean I'm usually the first person to say people who take pictures with a tablet look odd but sometimes it’s kind of nice to have. The sound from the built in speaker sounds good but its on the back side of the tablet often right where i like to put my hand. if you want the best sound headphones are recommended. It is very obvious to me this tablet is intended for mostly entertainment but hey maybe you don't think your teen deserves a tablet. Go get one for yourself and make them jealous because I know I  would be....  I rate this 7/10

PS: for those of you who read my last post I watched VGHS and I really enjoyed it. if you haven't watched it its available via netflix and free on youtube.


  1. I have only heard positive things about the Nexus, makes me want to try it, I have yet to make the switch over. :) It's affordable too!

  2. thorough review, thanks for the info

  3. I am looking at getting a tablet one of these days; considering an iPad but I do love Android so this may be a better bet!

  4. This would probably be a good idea for a younger person, and for the parents not wanting to speed 100s of dollars on the expensive ones.

  5. I love having a tablet around to check my email, search the internet quickly without having to boot up my computer


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