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Thursday, 8 August 2013

30 Minute A Day Chore Chart

I regularly have people asking me what house cleaning system I use because even though I have a day job, I also spend a lot of time blogging, and still have a great amount of family time, yet  my home is still tidy. 

Where DO I find the time?!

Believe me, if it was in my budget I would have hired help! A housekeeper once a week is my dream luxury! Sadly I do not have the kind of lifestyle or budget that warrants it. Even though I have twice pleaded my case to the Mr. I keep getting shot down. 

So, until I find my situation changes I had to find a way to spend as little time cleaning as possible. Because frankly none of us WANT to clean, but we also don't want the neighbours thinking the closest dump is at your house.

I tried so many different things. Nothing really helped/worked, but lets face it I'd rather be doing ANYTHING other than cleaning. Don't believe me? Here's a list of things I'd rather do when I should be cleaning:

Watch my nails grow 
(*snort* as if they really do)

Iron socks and underwear
(no really, people DO that!)

Observe the drying of painted walls 
(which would leave me high afterwards...)

Watch the bubbles in my soda until it is flat 
(Count them as they pop for extra points)

De-seed a massive watermelon with a toothpick 
(then flick them at my napping hubby!)

Cut my grass with scissors 
(what else do you do if your lawn mower is on the fritz?)

Read War and Peace to my five year old 
(she's dramatic, she can act it out!)

Are you beginning to understand just how much I will do to avoid scrubbing toilets and cleaning my fridge?

So after many attempts to get a working routine that I would ACTUALLY follow, I found this little gem. It was created by Amy over at My 3 Monsters

It truly works, it keeps me sane and my house tidy (relatively)  and it leaves me with a lot of time. Basically it helps me achieve a really nice work, blog, family, housework balance and that, my friends, is worth a fortune! Though if you click through to her site you can get it for FREE and a template to create your own, if this one doesn't quite work.

You can thank me later!

Do you have a system that keeps your home clean? Or do you scoff at the idea of a housework routine?


  1. This chore list sounds like a wonderful idea! I don't really have a set system in place for cleaning. I try to take one day out of the week and spend the entire day doing housework. I find that works best for me. I still do little things daily like dishes and garbage to keep the house tidy though:)

  2. What a great list! We have a routine that works for use fairly well, but anything that is in list for (and is pretty) makes me happy! I'm Type A like that.

  3. Great list! Unfortunately I'm obsessive about a clean house and it gets done way too often! I should try this list to limit my obsessiveness!

  4. This is wonderful!! I like that it leaves family time for the weekend!! priceless


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