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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Thought Provoking Thursday: Age

I decided to start a new feature here on the blog. With all the fad features going around I wanted something that would cause my readers to think a little bit. 

Here's my equation: Health + Experience - Joy = Second Age

Consider this; I am 36 and out of shape (like so many), have had depression, cancer, a heart implant and blood transfusions. That's a lot. So when I contemplate my physical age, I might say my body has endured strain beyond my 36 years. 

Flip the coin and I'll tell you about my mental age. I have had many difficulties in my life starting at a young age, though through it all I've always prided myself in keeping my spirits up, laughing and learning through it all. Speaking of laughing, did I mention I have been a mother for over 16 years which, lets face it, ages me drastically. My life experiences are much like my health experiences, well beyond my years. 

Those two things should have me at an age so much older that I could comfortably hang out with my Grandma and her friends and no one would suspect otherwise. "Hey pretty lady", the seniors would say, "how do you stay so young looking?" Ok, perhaps they'd know but I could still fit in.

I have a 5 year old and I never knew that would keep me young! I go to the park with her and yes, I do go down the slide and swing on the swing from time to time. We have mommy daughter date nights. We work together in the kitchen creating delicious goodies all while giggling! I look forward to her Kindergarten antics more than almost anything in life. My husband and son love outings so we find ourselves at rock concerts, or amusement parks. We have family game nights, movie nights, sports nights etc. These things keep me more active and full of joy. Therefore taking away from some of the things that age me.

So what do I figure my age would be?
I know, I know, that's my TRUE age.

I'm just as surprised as you, but it's where I am physically. When all the writing is on the wall, truth be told, for the first time in my life I am comfortable with myself and I am happy where I am.

How about you? Ignore all the birthdays and tell me, what age do you FEEL?
Feel free to share my picture and get others talking about their age!

1 comment:

  1. Sadly my body seems to be ignoring my mind. In my mind I am young slim and a hottie, however my body is not exactly slim LOL and doesn't quite move like it used to. In my mind I am cool and hip but according to my teens kids not so much any more. In my mind I am smart and funny and kind and that much is still true!


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